Conventional Seals



In conventional seals (see Pic. 1), the dynamic sealing is achieved through the contact of the rubber sealing lip and the rotary shaft surface. Such designs are usually used in no- or low-pressure applications (﹤5 psi) to prevent leakage. The sealing performance varies across different lip shapes, lip materials, and surface roughness. Situations such as abrasive or corrosive wear of rotary shaft surfaces or rubber sealing lips, age-hardening effect of rubber sealing lips, low lubrication, and dusty surroundings can accelerate the abrasion rate, thereby shortening the service life of the seals and resulting in leakage.
Additionally, the contact area between the sealing lip and rotary surface tends to enlarge due to increased internal pressure and low rubber strength (see Pic. 2), thereby increasing the operating temperature and shortening the service life of the seal. Studies have shown that when the temperature rises from 60℃ to 90℃, the service life of a NBR seals may be shortened by 90%. Moreover, the friction coefficient of rubber is three times that of PTFE and is even greater in no lubrication conditions, thereby leading to the stick-slip effect and affecting the function of equipment.

HiperLip® Advantages

The self-lubricating PTFE has a low coefficient of friction and is able to operate over a wide temperature range. The L-shaped sealing lip has a longer contact length and lower surface pressure, providing excellent sealing performance.

Applicable to vacuum or corrosive environment or conditions with low surface hardness.

Suitable for high peripheral speed (up to 30 m/s) and high pressure (35 bar), and PV is up to 100 bar .m/s.

HiperLip® features of low friction, heat resistance, stick-slip-free running, and the ability to achieve 60 m/s at low pressure outperform common rotary materials, such as NBR, ACM, FPM and Viton.

The additives of some lubricants are detrimental to sealing performance and service life. Using HiperLip® can fully solve these drawbacks. Using it in corrosive environment makes HiperLip® excellence stands out.