HiperLip® materials

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PTFE sealing lip materials
Suitable for food and pharmaceutical processing.
Improved compression and wear resistance, excellent chemical stability, better thermal conductivity.
Excellent wear resistance and thermal conductivity with reduced creep for use at high temperature.
Suitable for use in dry
and poorly lubricated applications.
Excellent compression and wear resistance,
good thermal conductivity, low permeability
Good wear resistance, can be used in unhardened shaft,
not suitable for water solution.
Excellent for extreme conditions including high pressure &
temperature and for longer service life on hardened dynamic surfaces.
Metal case materials
Standard material for metal case in general applications without corrosion issues.
For general applications under corrosive environment.
For general applicaitons with corrosive media.
For lightweight equipment.
Static gasket materials
Standard material for temperature range from -40°C to 100°C
Chemical and heat resistant material for temperature range from20°C ~ 200°C
Excellent resistance to heat, steam, abrasion and water.
Order code for HiperLip

Metal-case HiperLip

Type-Primary sealing material+Secondary sealing material+Metal-case material+ Gasket material
Example:M1-5022 means type M1 Metal-case HiperLip with primary seal in Carbon fiber filled PTFE,SUS 304 metal-case,and FPM(Viton)gasket‧

100% PTFE HiperLip

Type-Sealing material+O-ring material
Example:SA-51 means type SA 100% PTFE HiperLip with primary seal in Carbon fiber