About us

Bucker Co., Ltd. is a professional designer and manufacturer of high performance seals. With years of R&D efforts, Bucker has created its own brands, HiperSeal®, HiperLip®, and Parjet, to meet the ever-increasing requirements of users. The excellence in Bucker’s products has made it a major supplier of seals for prominent companies in Taiwan, such as Formosa Plastics Group, China Steel Corp., Taiwan Power Co., and ASE Group. Armed with its technical know-how, Bucker is reaching out to the international seal market, bringing its outstanding and cost-effective seals to the world.

As a result of the advancement in industrial automation, conventional oil seals, O-rings and rubber packing can no longer apply. To meet critical applications in demanding environments, Bucker has invested in advanced manufacturing and testing machines, including CNC lathes, compression modeling machines, sintering machines, spring forming machines, laser welding machines, automatic seal-lip trimmers, and computer-aid friction and wear test equipment, to produce its private label spring/O-ring energized PTFE seals and rotary lip seals. Bucker’s products feature the ability to perform in harsh conditions, such as high pressure, extreme temperature, corrosive media, and low lubrication level, making it an ideal sealing solution provider to all industries.


● Hydraulic, pneumatic and rotary sealing solutions  
●Sealing solutions for specific applications           ●Standard and customized HiperSeal® and HiperLip®   
●Ensured quality and on-time deliver              ●Professional sealing consulting and service